Windows .SCR Screen Savers

SCR files are nothing more complex than .EXE files with the extension SCR. Windows calls the .SCR file with two command-line options:

    /s  to launch the screensaver
/c to configure the screensaver
For the windows control panel to recognise the screensaver, the program's module description string must begin with SCRNSAVE: (in uppercase). So, if writing a Visual Basic screensaver, simply set the application title to something like "SCRNSAVE:Test Screensaver"

To create a new screen saver simply write a program that checks the command-line option when starting and performs the appropriate action. The display should use a full-screen window (usually with a black background) and should end when any key is pressed or when the mouse is moved.

When the program is compiled, rename the .EXE to .SCR and put it into the Windows directory so it can be found by the screensaver selection dialog in Windows.

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